How to Submit a Response to the Roundtable

It would be ideal to hold a live meeting over Zoom, BlueJeans, or another video conference application that would allow an audience to participate directly in conversation with our roundtable’s discussants. However, we believe this option is not currently feasible, both because of the wide range of time zones in which potential participants reside and because we wish to respect the time demands of daily life and new work challenges during a period of global pandemic. This format will also permit the participation of those who would have been unable to attend the Association for Asian Studies (particularly graduate students, contingent and/or early career faculty, and independent scholars).

In the interest of generating thoughtful responses to the thoughts of our discussants, we are opening responses to the roundtable comments for 3 limited-term, 2-week periods:

Round 1 Submissions: May 1-14, 2020 (deadline to respond May 14, 12pm EST)
Round 1 is closed for submissions. Responses can be read here.
Round 2 Submissions: May 17-30, 2020 (deadline to respond May 30, 12pm EST)
Round 2 is closed for submissions. Responses can be read here.
Round 3 Submissions: June 1-14, 2020 (deadline June 14, 8pm EST).
Please note that this will be the last round of submissions to the virtual roundtable. We encourage participants to consider their final thoughts, suggestions, and calls for positive change. What would you like to see in the future? How can that be made actionable? What support is necessary going forward? Please share your ideas and recommendations.
Round 3 is closed for submissions. Responses can be read here.

Rules for Response and Respectful Engagement:

  • Please be thoughtful and thorough in your responses.
  • Writers have the option of posting anonymously, given that some people may have privacy needs or concerns about professional repercussions for public statements.
  • Responses are limited to 1000-words.
  • Writers are expected to be collegial, professional, and relevant in their responses. No direct attacks on a person or institution or any other form of discrimination will be tolerated.
  • Writers may submit no more than 1 response to topics per posting period.
  • Email addresses will be collected on the submission form (but NOT posted or circulated in any way). This is to ensure adherence to the above rules, and to allow contact in case of any violation or need for future contact. Your identity, unless otherwise provided by you on the Google form, is considered confidential and is not shared with roundtable discussants or participants.
  • We reserve the right to not post any entry deemed to be in violation of the above rules.

Responses will be collected via Google Form. If writers prefer to submit anonymously, they may add their credentials descriptively as desired (e.g. “Adjunct/Sessional at R1 institution, Canada”). After the deadline has passed for each posting period, responses will be compiled and uploaded on a separate page.

The roundtable is now closed and the form below is no longer active. If you would like to provide feedback on this event, please use the feedback button below.

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Any comments or questions can be directed to me via email.